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               True Silence
Silent-Mind-Transmission - free Audio-Download
Powerful transmission of silence, presence and awareness in a guided meditation

Awaken your inner being

Our inner being is the most precious realm of our existence. This timeless dimension builds the basis of our life and allows us to experience every single aspect of our daily routine.

As long as we are identified with our thoughts, we can't fathom the indescribable beauty of our inner being. In this state, our awareness is dormant, and we can't relax into the present moment.

When we unveil the timeless dimension of our inner being, we are relieved from the burden of our unconscious thinking, and we discover deep inner peace and freedom.


Holistic Approach

Spiritual awakening is a deep, multilayered process, which needs to be guided professionally. This process is a profound transformation on several levels of our being. Find out more

Awakening presence


4 week 1:1 mentoring program (online) Find out more.

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