About me


I have been researching and experiencing the human consciousness relating to spiritual awakening and healing in the different areas of live for many years. Therefore my work is based on a direct connection to the realms of being and consciousness and does not base on any theory or mental concept. It is the outcome of many years of deep experience and intensive self-inquiry.

Thus it is possible for me to work on the foundation of inner silence and awareness without using any theory or belief system about reality.  For me a careful and respectful interaction between people is very important.

"I cannot support someone out of pride or arrogance, not being in touch with reality. Although it doesn't help when I believe that I am past it. Therefore I am as vulnerable and human as you are. That makes us really strong."


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Important advice: My spiritual work, offerings and energetic products does not replace any physician, doctor or psychologist. I explicitly distance myself from any diagnosis and healing promises. An effect of healing crystals is not proven.

Wichtiger Hinweis: Meine spirituelle Arbeit, Angebote und Energieprodukte ersetzten keinen Arzt, Mediziner oder Psychologen. Ich distanziere mich hiermit ausdrücklich von jeglichen Heilversprechen und Diagnosen. Eine Wirkung von Heilsteinen ist nicht erwiesen.

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