True Silence Healing-Session (1:1 Session online)

A True Silence Healing-Session is a deep and profound experience in which you can meet your innermost substance and that can help you to directly sense and experience your true self and nature. It is a deep guidance into the depths of your very own self and opens rooms for  profound healing and transformation.

I guide you in a very soft and gentle way and help you to experience the indescribable unity with your true self and nature. I also support you to leave any state of unconsciousness and forgetfulness that might occur. Furthermore, you will be able to unveil totally new states of being and access rooms of deep healing and regeneration.

A True Silence Healing-Session is also a good opportunity to find out how I work and to prepare yourself for a possible 1:1 mentoring program.

Duration: ca. 1h 30 min

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Being present in daily life 4-week 1:1 Mentoring Program (online)

You can find a complete description of my 4 week mentoring program under the following link: PDF - Mentoring Program



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"Inner silence is the key to inner freedom and the power of your consciousness."

True Silence Healing - Education (online)


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