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 Awakening Presence
4-week 1:Mentoring online

Awakening Presence  4-week 1:1 Mentoring Program online

Does any of this sounds familiar to you


You are deeply interested in spiritual awakening and you practice being in the present moment in your daily life. You really want to be awake and conscious during the day and try to realize this during your daily routine. Perhaps you begin the morning with a meditation, yoga, or qigong and you want to be conscious, grounded, and balanced throughout the whole day. Then you leave the apartment, close the door, and after some time you get lost in your thoughts and the confusion of daily life. The daily routine begins to overwhelm you.

Eventually you begin to feel doubts and unclarity and you lose the inner orientation. You try to overcome this unpleasant state of mind but you are not able to handle the upcoming thoughts and inner movements. As a result, it is not possible to be silent and conscious and inner stress may dominate your daily routine.

Are you tired of this?

How about being conscious, present and aware during the whole day? How about resting in inner silence with the ability to handle the upcoming thoughts and emotions in a conscious and positive way? And how about dealing with stress and anxiety in a constructive and positive way?

Actually you know that it is possible to live inner silence and pure awareness in daily life but you are not sure if it is possible for you?

How about you could handle it?

From past experiences I know how it feels to suffer from getting lost in thoughts and feelings and I also know how it feels to be strongly overwhelmed by fear, anxiety and inner stress. But blessedly I also experienced that it is possible to fully overcome the suffering under unconscious thinking, fear and anxiety and really be conscious and present during the daily life.


When you participate, you also have the opportunity to change your life and to realize inner silence and presence in daily life!

You certainly know that inner silence and presence are the foundation on which a conscious and self-determined life is possible. During the class you get the ability to stop the unconscious process of thinking and you learn how to really be silent inside. Thus you will be conscious and present and you will be able to deal with your thoughts and emotions in a very constructive way.


How is this possible?


I show you different ways of directing your awareness to inner silence and presence and support you in shifting and activating your consciousness to deep presence within. Throughout this process you awaken the ability to consciously stop inside, be silent and overcome your unconscious thinking and disorientation.

Through this you can get the strength and capability to overcome stress, doubts and anxiety much easier.

I support and guide you with my presence and energy and show you how you can orientate yourself inside overwhelming thoughts and emotions. Hereto I give you a multilayered support. After some weeks you will be able to do it on your own.

And this much is certain!

When you constantly rest inside yourself and when you are able to be silent and present during the whole day you will not be able to return to your old life!

This class is possibly the right choice if you:

  • have enough of constantly being overwhelmed by unconscious thinking and emotions and want to break through your unconscious patterns.

  • want to realize presence and awareness throughout your daily life and live a conscious and self-determined life.

  • want to live a substantial and true spirituality, which is not only livable in isolation.

  • search for an authentic awakening, which is grounded in a deep foundation of inner silence.

  • are searching for deep and real orientation and you want to be guided in this process.


The whole content of the class as well as my alignment and approach are free from hindering concepts. As a result the class and my teaching are totally aligned with daily life. On this foundation the class offers a constructive and integrative approach and shows how to consciously deal with thoughts, emotions and inner movements.

Here's a shortcut of the content:

Awakening- Intensive Online ClassOOOnline-Kurs

Living profound silence and presence in daily life - Duration 6 weeks

  • 1 x intensive One-on-One - Session - online, in which I give you the foundation and first initiation into the class.

    • Activation of your presence and consciousness and opening the realms of silence and presence - intensive substantial and energetical support.

    • I meet you where you are at the moment and show you your individual portals to inner silence and presence. Therefor I relate to your personal circumstances and needs.

    • I will give you the tools that enable you to stop inside overwhelming thoughts and that give you the possibility to be silent inside.

    • You are going to learn about the big preferences of silence in daily life and which changes are possible.

  • 6 x intensive Group - Session - online: Transmission of the state of inner silence and spiritual awareness, activating consciousness, opening portals to inner silence and presence. A Silent-Mind-Transmission is a very powerful tool that has the potential to awaken your consciousness.

    • Once a week via skype or zoom

    • Plus Q&A - Session at the beginning in which I answer questions and clear possible barriers and misunderstandings etc. 

    • All videos will be recorded and you will get instant access.

  • Podcast Series: Awaken to inner silence and presence in daily life: Special guided meditations (Silent-Mind-Transmission) and deep insights about the process of realizing and living silence, presence and awareness in daily life.

    • Once a week

  • Plus:

    • support via E-mail

    • members area



1x One-on-One Session (online)

6x Group - Session (online)

Podcast Series

Support via E-mail



altogether:  769,- US Dollar

(Final Price, no separate declaration of taxes  § 19 UStG)

PS: participants: max. 8 persons. In a small group I can support everyone individually.


Please send me your E-Mail address, your postal address and the order number (Paypal) after booking the class, that I am able to open your account in the members area. Hereto you can use the contact-form on the following page: Contact


If you are not happy with my teachings and the class I offer you an extra orientation call for free to find out with which obstacles we are dealing with. If we find out that the whole thing is not for you and it does not fit, you will directly get your money back.

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