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Awakening Our Awareness - How to Be More Conscious in Daily Life

The grade of our awareness determines if we are awake and conscious or if we experience some kind of dullness or sleepiness.

If we want to learn how we can consciously raise our awareness and inner wakefulness, we need to dive a bit into a spiritual understanding of awareness. We also need to look at the energetic aspect of being conscious and awake.

Our Awareness

From a spiritual perspective, our awareness is the vessel through which we perceive our inner and outer world. This conscious perception allows us to be aware of everything around us and tremendously influences the way we experience our life.

But how can we have a direct, positive impact on our awareness? How can we actively change the perception of our life?

Awakening Our Awareness

We can actively awaken our awareness by ceasing to identify with our unconscious thoughts and by discovering a space of inner silence and tranquility. We do this by learning not to follow the countless stories that appear in our mind and by bringing our awareness to our body. As soon as we untangle from the endless stream of our thoughts, we open a space of awareness and inner wakefulness.

But how can we actively untangle from our thoughts when our life brings so many challenges and interruptions? How should we stay conscious when the pace of our life is fast and unpredictable?

Overcoming the Identification With Our Thoughts

We can overcome the identification with our thoughts by cultivating a more mindful, meditative way of living and by integrating this conscious approach into our daily routine. We do this by consistently coming back into the present moment and by finding ways to listen to our intuition. When we learn how to consistently bring our attention from our thoughts to a space of inner silence, we prepare the ground for inner stability and continuity.

This inner stability gives us a sense of inner peace and freedom and allows us to consciously navigate through our daily life. This foundation also brings orientation and clarity and fills our life with meaning and a sense of belonging.

If you want to learn more about this conscious way of living, I highly recommend my book "Awaken Your Inner Being". You can find some information about the book under the following link: Awaken Your Inner Being


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