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Awakening Presence - How to overcome the identification with our thoughts

The identification with our mind compels us to exist in thoughts and inner images and prevents us from awakening to our true, inherent nature. If we want to overcome these separating aspects of our mind, we need to awaken our presence and inner wakefulness.

But how is this possible? How can we raise our awareness to a profound inner wakefulness? And what does it mean to awaken our presence?

To know the answer to these questions, we need to first understand the difference between the state of being identified with our thoughts and the state of being present.

Normally, we are accustomed to following almost every thought that arises in our mind. Through this inner involvement, we are totally identified with our thinking, and we are deeply lost in our mind and its dream-like reality. The identification with our thoughts also creates states of separation, and we might feel distracted and lost in inner confusion.

The state of presence frees us from being totally identified with our thoughts and gives us a clear point of reference - a clear sense of "I AM". Through this point of reference, we are no longer lost in our thoughts, and we can consciously witness our inner experience.

But how is it possible to awaken this extraordinary state of presence, and how can we consciously manage our thoughts, emotions, and body sensations?

We can awaken our presence by choosing not to follow our unconscious thoughts and by resting deeply in inner silence. We do this by gently witnessing and observing our inner world and by not getting involved in the countless stories that appear in our mind. As soon as we are able to rest in a state of inner silence without getting dragged into our thoughts, we awaken a profound presence and inner wakefulness.

For this endeavor, we need to know that the awakening of our presence is a deep, complex process, and that we need a certain time to cultivate the state of being present in daily life. After some time, we’ll be able to be present and aware for longer periods, which prepares our consciousness for an irreversible shift into the state of presence.

This irreversible shift into presence enables us to effortlessly stay present and aware and gives us the opportunity to access our inner being. Through this transition, we overcome the identification with our thoughts, and we live a life free from the dominance of our mind.

If you would like to be supported in this deep process of awakening presence, write me an email or book a free orientation call.

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With love and best wishes, Tobias

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