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Being Present - How to Wake Up From the Dreamlike Reality of Our Mind

Our unconscious thinking reduces our awareness and puts our consciousness to sleep. Through this mental trance, we are fully involved in the countless stories that appear in our mind, and we can't witness our true, inherent nature.

If we want to overcome this negative aspect of our mind, we need to raise our awareness and inner wakefulness. We also need to find ways to untangle from our repetitive thoughts.

But how is it possible to stop following our thoughts when our mind is busy all the time? And how can we calm this monkey mind?

To know the answers to these questions, we need to first understand the difference between the state of being lost in our thoughts and the state of being present.

Being Lost in Our Thoughts

When we are lost in our thoughts, our awareness is dormant and our attention is totally absorbed in our thinking. In this state, we are not present, and we can't consciously deal with our inner experience.

Being Present

When we are present, our awareness is awake, and we can clearly differentiate between ourselves and our thoughts. Through this point of reference, we are no longer lost in our thoughts, and we can consciously deal with everything that arises inside us.

But how is it possible to activate and cultivate this essential state of presence? How can we be present despite all our daily activities and challenges?

Awakening Our Presence

We awaken our presence by consistently ceasing to follow the countless stories that appear in our mind and by reconnecting to our body. When we learn how to rest inside ourselves, without jumping on every thought that arises, we awaken the capacity of our awareness to be present.

Through this process, we overcome the restlessness of our thoughts, and we begin to untangle from the dream-like reality of our mind.

The state of presence gives us a clear, recognizable sense of "I Am" and allows us to consciously deal with our inner experience. Our presence also gives us the space to witness our own being - it brings us in contact with our inherent nature.

If you want to dive deeper into the process of awakening presence and the realization of our true nature, I highly recommend my book "Awaken Your Inner Being". You can order the book under the following link:

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