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Daily Mindfulness - How to consciously observe our thoughts

The quality of our thoughts plays an important role in our daily life and influences our sense of well-being tremendously.

If we want to have a conscious, positive impact on the quality of our thoughts, we need to first awaken our ability to actively witness our thinking. We need to awaken a higher awareness through which we can consciously observe our inner world.

But what does it mean to awaken a higher awareness? And how can we become the witness of our thoughts?

To understand this important topic, we need to look at our awareness and consciousness from a holistic, spiritual perspective. We need to expand our understanding of "Daily Mindfulness"

Our Awareness

Our awareness enables us to consciously witness our experiences. This conscious perception allows us to be aware of our life and everything around us. When we increase this awareness through, for example, spiritual practices like meditation or yoga, we become more and more aware of our inner world. This higher awareness comes from the presence of our consciousness and is accompanied by a change in our brain activity and nervous system.

The presence of our consciousness allows us to be the witness of our thoughts and plays an important role in the process of spiritual awakening.

But how can we actively awaken our consciousness to this essential state of presence?

Awakening Presence

We can awaken our presence by bringing our attention to a place of inner silence and by ceasing to follow our unconscious thinking. We do this by stopping to jump on every thought that arises which slows down the dynamics of our mental activities.

As soon as we are less identified with our thoughts, we awaken our awareness and inner wakefulness. Through this wakefulness, we begin to consciously observe our thoughts and inner reactions. We prepare the ground for a significant awareness through which we can actively recognize our inner world. As a result, we become the witness of our thoughts, through which we can positively influence our inner experience.

This empowers us to leave any loop of negative thinking and allows us to no longer be reigned by our unconscious thoughts. This liberation also frees us from the sense of separation that is created by the endless stories that usually run through our mind.

This emancipation from our unconscious thoughts, which is possible through the awakening of our presence, is the first, initial step in the process of spiritual awakening. This step builds the basis for a conscious, mindful life.

If you want to learn more about the process of awakening presence and our spiritual awakening as a whole, I highly recommend my book "Awaken Your Inner Being." You can order the book under the following link:

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