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Episode 1 - The nature of awakening and the shift into presence

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

All around the world people speak about spiritual awakening and about the awakening and the enlightenment of mankind. But what is it, that makes the difference between an awakened person and someone who is not? What is the difference between an awakened consciousness and the normal state of mind?

How does this all fit together?

In the next episodes I am going to dive deep in the insights on the nature of awakening and enlightenment. I am going to show the relationship between healing and awakening and explain how the different levels of awakening depend on healing and reconnecting to the inner source. I am going to speak about different levels and planes of awakening and how they are experiencend in daily life.

So if you want to dive deep in the insights of awakening hang out with me on this track!

Episode 1

The nature of awakening and the shift into presence

Awakening is a deep shift in different layers of our human consciousness. It is a multilayered process which includes healing and transformation on several levels of our being. Also it is a return to our inner source and reflects the realisation of our true nature. But what does this mean in detail?

Normally the human consciousness is lost in mind. It is lost in permanent thinking and action. When we look closer, we can see that it is not only a matter of attention. In its depth, consciousness is totally identified with the mind and the inner process of thinking. Most people think, that they are their mind themselves. In other words, they only perceive themselves through thinking and relating to inner content. They feel their existence on the basis of mental activity combined with emotions. They do not perceive a real "I am". They are not present at all. But let's look a little bit closer what does it mean to be present!

Presence is a state of consciousness in which you really exist, in which you are really there.

When you are present, you are not only stuck in your mind. You are able to exist beyond mind. Therefor the first step of awakening is to shift consciousness from the state of mind to the state of presence, to the state of being present. For this step it is extremely helpful to be in the presence of someone who has realized presence and has awakened to the state of presence of consciousness.

For this first step of awakening, someone has to bring his attention and energy to the state of silence. He has to stop inside and bring his awareness to silence instead of following the unconscious process of thinking. At the beginning this is not easy because the busy mind functions like a computer, which is running permanently on his own. If someone has the benefit of being supported in awakening presence energetically, it is much easier to be present and rest in the silence of consciousness.

The challenge is not to concentrate and hold unconsciously on the mind and his limited possibilities to contemplate. The challenge is not to try to overcome the mind with willpower or unconscious struggling for freedom. It is the challenge of not getting stuck into the mind which tries to overcome itself. In other words, if someone tries to get beyond the mind by unconsciously using the tools of thinking.

Awakening to the state of presence needs to shift consciousness to a higher, in other words, different state of being. It is the shift beyond mind and his state of thinking.

The realisation of presence in daily life is the process of letting go from unconscious thinking and to permanently rest in the state of silence. This does not mean that there are no thoughts at all. It means that someone rests in silence although there could be many thoughts. It means that someone rests in silence independently from inner movements, thoughts and mental or emotional patterns and reactions. This process shifts the human consciousness from the level of mind to the state of presence.

The awakening of presence anchors our consciousness in silence. This has a very strong impact and helps someone to rest in a meditative state during daily life. It is the way of living silence and presence in our very close surroundings and relationships and includes every breath we take.

If you need any help or professional guidance in this step, take a look at my 8 week 1:1 mentoring program!

See you in the next episode :) !

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