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Episode 2 - Awakening consciousness to the state of being

Updated: May 17, 2019

In the first episode we talked about the first step of awakening, which is the awakening of consciousness to the state of presence. When we realize presence through resting and contemplating in silence in daily life, we anchor ourselves in silence. This is a true foundation for being present and awake in daily life.

When someone deepens in this process of being silent, he begins to open a deeper realm of consciousness, which is the state of beingness. He begins to awaken to his inner source, which is realized through the state of resting in his own being. But let's take a deeper look what this is all about:

Being is a state of consciousness, in which someone rests in his true self.

The process of letting go of unconscious thinking and content leads to a state of a free and unbound consciousness, which is able to rest in itself. This means that our consciousness is no longer stuck in our mind and inner and outer activities. It has freed itself from the prison and the boundaries of the mind.

Someone who has realized this freedom of consciousness is able to rest inside himself, to rest in his own being. For this, consciousness has to be shifted to the absorption into beingness. But let's take a deeper look what this means in our daily life and practice.

For the deepening of consciousness into the state of being it is helpful to sit in silence, to sit and contemplate in silence through resting in a deep state of being. This can be practised with closed or open eyes. For someone who has problems with sitting in silence with closed eyes, because of getting tired or dull, he can practise resting in silence with eyes open.

Through this deep resting in silence while sitting, consciousness is able to shift to the state of being, to the state of the absorption into beingness. This brings consciousness deeper to its source, to its own being. In this state of consciousness, someone experiences a profound sense of being alive, of existing and being. It is a state that unveils the feeling of coming home. Through this deepening process consciousness shifts to a profound stability, which can be compared with a sailor ship anchoring on open see. As a result, someone realizes the stability to rest deeper than any thought and any wave of inner movements and emotions.

Someone who has realized beingness in daily life, rests in a different and deeper state, than someone who has realized the presence of consciousness. Through the state of being, someone is in the state of softness and devotion. He is offering his life to something deeper than he is. He is surrendering to something that is deeper than consciousness. In this state, consciousness begins to open to realms which are beyond the presence of consciousness, to realms which are greater than the individual states of being. This is very important because at this point someone realizes the value of not limiting himself to the realm of consciousness and presence.

The greatness of the realm of truth is unbelievable and not to describe in words. Its beauty transcends everything that could ever be imagined.

For this deep shift someone has to come to a point of ripeness and evolved capacity. He has to mature to his deep potential. Throughout this multi layered process of awakening, it is extremely helpful to be guided by someone who has realized the state of beingness and devotion. Someone who is able to hold the mirror of truth and true beingness.

So if you want to be guidet in your process of awakening do not be shy in asking me for help :)

See you soon in the next episode...

Thank you!


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