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Episode 3 - The embodiment of consciousness and the awakening of the soul

Updated: May 17, 2019

In the last episode we talked about the second step of awakening which is the awakening of consciousness to the state of beingness. It is the realisation of being and deep resting in oneself. In this state someone is able to rest inside his true self without being stuck in his mind.

When someone deepens this beingness through contemplating in daily life he is going to be dragged inside his body.

Throughout this process consciousness and awareness is turned inward and falls inside the body. It is like a implosion of silence and presence incarnating into the form of manifestation. The embodiment of consciousness is a very important step of awakening because it is the first alignment with the physical form and its energy. It is a deep grounding into the vessel of our body based existence.

When someone is not truly incarnating consciousness he is leaving his form into transcendence and impersonal planes of reality. In this higher realms he loses his sense of individuality and personal layers of consciousness. Without knowing he is identifying himself with impersonal realms and is not grounded in the physical plane.

The embodiment of consciousness is the foundation on which we are really connected to the physical form and our life on planet earth. This is true incarnation.

Through this embodiment of consciousness the personal planes of ourselves are initialised to awake and to be merged with consciousness. It is the realisation of our individual self merging with higher planes of consciousness. This is the awakening of the soul.

Without the awakening of our soul consciousness has the touch of impersonal, non-identified awareness which is not relating to the planes of individuality.

Our soul gives us our individual essence and the flavour of me. It is our own self awakening to higher states of consciousness.

But what does this mean for our daily life?

It is important to relate to every layer of our human existence. Therefore it is helpful not to try to overcome any of our personal and elementary needs. It is important not to separate from any emotional, physical or mental need. For example if someone tries to overcome his sexuality with the idea of freedom and awakening.

For the holistic realisation of our soul it is important to integrate every layer into consciousness. For our soul it is important to integrate everything. From the deepest shadow to our deepest personal needs, everything has to be integrated in our consciousness. This is really important. For this step it is helpful not to fear anything and to be honest and open to every part of our existence.

It is helpful to welcome life in our existence and to challenge our fears relating to our existence.

Please note that all steps of awakening are intertwined and not separate conceptual steps. It is an organic growth of consciousness and a holistic awakening, which is a multi layerd process, in which nothing can be excluded.

I use terms which may be used different in esoteric or spiritual terminology.

The "soul" in my teachings, for example is the individual realm of consciousness and nothing that is seperated from you.

I use this differentiation of this various steps of awakening and healing to draw a better picture of the process of awakening. In reality it is one holistic and multi layerd process which is not seperated and fragmented in different parts.

One the other side it is not possible to make the second step before the first because each step builds the foundation of the following step. For example: Without realizing the state of presence it is not possible to realize the shift into beingness because it is a deeper and greater realm of consciousness.

With this holistic approach I want to give you a helpful overview of the complexity of awakening and healing and I want to support you to awake to your holistic nature.

Healing and Awakening is one multilayered process which unveils our true nature. It is the awakening of the different layers of ourselves. This is holistic awakening.

In the next steps I am going to show the relation between healing and awakening on the different levels of awakening.

Also I am going to describe the important step of the awakening of consciousness to his energetic realm which is the awakening of the kundalini on the foundation of being really groundet.

If you need support at any point of your journey, don't be shy to ask!

With love and best wishes



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