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Episode 4 - The awakening of the Kundalini. The energetic realm of consciousness

Updated: May 17, 2019

In the last episode we talked about the embodiment of consciousness and the awakening of the soul. This step is really important because it is the first alignment of consciousness with the physical form and its energy. The awakening of our soul connects our individual layers of consciousness with the higher dimensions of ourselves. This has an important value for integration and is significant for a holistic awakening and its realisation.

When the soul has awakened and consciousness has embodied and grounded itself into the physical form, the energetic component of consciousness awakens to his full potential. This is the awakening of the kundalini. In this step consciousness awakens to his energetic nature which is the alignment of consciousness with the power of our life force.

This life force has a strong physical impact and nourishes ourselves energetically. We find a strong concentration of this life force in our legs and lower pelvis. When this life force merges with our consciousness, the kundalini rises. The energetic awakening of consciousness is like a explosion of energy inside our energy system. It is the unfoldment of the natural power of consciousness.

The Kundalini is the energetic component of consciousness. It is the life force merging and flowing into our conscious existence.

Here you are in the fire of the kundalini. In it's rising fire and energy a lot of unconscious material is burned and brought to consciousness. Everything that is blocked and hidden comes to the surface and fades in the light of consciousness. Everything that is not in alignment with the life force is sensed and realized as something blocked and obstructive.

In daily life we experience this blockings through physical pain, for example pain or uncomfortable sensations in the neck, shoulder and hip area. You may experience it as diffuse back pain, pressure in the headspace, headache or migraine. It may show up as diffuse pain in the solar plexus, sometimes combined with nausea or irrregular strong heartbeat and pressure in the sternum (breast). Some people feel heat and a strong flow of energy inside the body.

On the psychological plane this strong flow of energy may trigger fear and emotional pain, which may express itself as restlessness, sadness and uncontrolled thinking. There could be countless symptoms because this process is really individual. It depends on the ripeness and the capacity of consciousness and the ability to handle this strong flow of energy.

Through the awakening of the kundalini you enter layers of your consciousness which you never entered before. This strong power drags yourself in regions you have never noticed before or even thought of their existence. This is absolutely important because the kundalini helps you to be realistic. It helps you to challenge your fears and shadows on a really different level.

The most important step is to ground and balance the kundalini. It has to be anchored inside the body through grounding and connecting to the earth and the physical plane. It has to be integrated into our daily life. If the kundalini is not grounded someone's consciousness is pushed outside the body. This may cause strong symptoms like fear etc. or drag somebody in higher planes of consciousness without integrating the lower planes of our existence.

When the kundalini is awakened properly it balances and stabilizes our aura and energy field. It helps us to grow energetically and supports us to awaken to a new level of consciousness which has a powerful energetic impact on everything it meets and encounters.

The kundalini is a mirror of truth. Everything it meets shows up in our consciousness. Nothing can hide in this strong flow of energy.

Someone who has awakened and stabilized his kundalini triggers the unconscious emotional and mental material in others, which may cause some type of uncomfortable feelings and emotional reactions. Everything which is suppressed and not felt shows up on the surface.

It is important to merge this strong flow of energy with the softness and kindness of the heart. It is important not to misuse this energy because the personal power raises extremly and a lot of responsibility is needed to handle it properly. Therefor the human consciousness has to ripe and be grounded and stabilized.

If you need any help in the process of your awakening, I'll be at your side :)

With love and best wishes



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