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Episode 5 - Awakening consciousness to its natural state

Updated: May 17, 2019

In the last episode we talked about the awakening of the kundalini and its strong energetic impact on all levels of our conscious existence! I mentioned that it is really important to balance and ground the strong flow of energy that the kundalini causes and that we have to merge it with inner softness and the openness of our heart!

In this episode I'd like to talk about the natural state which is really profound and important! It is the outcome of a holistic awakening that is grounded in ripeness and inner maturity.

"The natural state is absolutely different! It is the absence of everything we experienced before! It is the absence of diversity! It is so natural! It is so new!"

The natural state is totally different to all states we have ever experienced before. It is totally new and has nothing in common with everything we could ever imagine! Since we are used to experience change and diversity the natural state has to offer a total different outcome!

In its presence everything else is absent! Every movement and instability, every tension and suffering is absent in its wonderful and unbelievable presence! It is the source itself offering us this great and fully different experience! It is the source itself that lets everything else fade in its light and existence.

"The source is the reason why we exist. It is the reason for our very own existence! Nothing is comparable with this extraordinary and undefinable source of life. Nothing!"

When we look a little bit closer we find out that everything depends on this indescribable source of life! Everything is contained in its beautiful presence and rises out of its profound existence!

But why is it so important to awaken our consciousness to the natural state and why does it offer us a total different viewpoint of life? Why should we bring everything in its wonderful light and presence?

To understand this we have to go back a little bit and look at the stages before!

Every step we experienced and went through was needed to open and to embody the natural state. Every step was needed to build the basis for this main and most important awakening:

1.) The awakening of consciousness to presence and awareness is the basis for everything else. It is the first step of coming into existence. The first step in which consciousness begins to exist beyond mind and its dream state of self!

2.) Awakening consciousness to the state of being is the second and most profound state in the journey of our spiritual awakening. It is the door to our being and lets us fall deep inside our very own self! In this step we anchor our consciousness in deep rest and awaken the ability to sense everything on a very deep and profound level!

3.) The embodiment of consciousness and the awakening of the soul has its main character in the awakening of the individual layers of ourselves! It brings our consciousness inside our body and activates the personal layers of our existence! In this process we meet our unconscious patterns and everything that is distracted and separated from what we really are!

4.) The awakening of the kundalini activates the energetic realm of our consciousness. In this step we are forced to meet everything that is blocked and suppressed on an energetic level! Every tension and blockade shows itself on the surface of the strong energetic flow of this energy! This step is very important to clear everything and open the room for more consciousness to enter!

5.) And here comes the awakening of consciousness to its natural state which is the most natural and most profound state at the same time! It is the natural outcome of all steps before and has its characteristics in the absence of everything! It is so natural and soft! All movements and energies are gone and we experience the total absence of ourselves in the way we experienced ourselves before! It is total inner peace and freedom and it feels very easy and delightful.

In the natural state our consciousness is fully absorbed in its source and begins to lose its individual flavor. It begins to vanish into the everlasting beauty of its true self and nature.

But this doesn't mean that we lose our sense of self in a way that we dissolve as an individual. It means that we fully leave our common sense of self. We no longer experience ourselves as separated and bound to our mind and body! We no longer experience ourselves as something that is existing out of itself! This is very important and crucial because we begin to truly know and experience who we really are without any filter or layer of self!

In the steps before we unconsciously remain in different layers of ourselves. We are unconsciously bound and fixed in different parts of our existence! This is absolutely normal because the mental and emotional layers tend to massively influence the free and unrestricted experience of our true self and nature!

Because of this it is only possible in the natural state to experience our true self and nature in an unfiltered and unrestricted way! It is only possible to be what we truly are without being compromised and influenced in a certain way!

It is the full absorption in our true self and nature that enables us to exist free from restrictions! It is the natural state that frees us from every limitation and boundary on a personal level!

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