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How to Experience the Presence of God: A Mindful Approach

Witnessing the presence of god has the power to free us from the prison of our mind and to give our life meaning and a sense of belonging. The awareness of our true origin can also free us from any sense of suffering and separation and fulfill us at our core.

In this blog post, we will explore practical ways that help us experience the presence of god and support us in finding more inner peace and freedom.

Witnessing the Presence of God

Inner Silence

Inner silence awakens our ability to access deeper realms of our being and to open ourselves to a dimension that lies far beyond our manifest existence. Through inner silence, our thoughts, and emotions come to rest, and we prepare the ground to witness our true origin.

We cultivate inner silence by calming our thoughts and by finding ways to enhance our awareness and inner wakefulness. The following practices can support us in discovering inner calm and tranquility and opening ourselves to the indescribable beauty of our true origin.


Meditation and other mindful practices can strengthen our awareness and help us untangle from our repetitive thoughts. Through these practices, we learn to be more aware of our inner world, and we develop our perception and sensitivity.


Yoga and other body-centered exercises support us in being more grounded and aligned with our body. These exercises can also help us to calm our thoughts and awaken our awareness and inner wakefulness.

Silent Prayer

Silent Prayer can directly support us in coming to rest and witnessing our true origin. Through silent prayer, we make space for the presence of god, and we open ourselves to the light of this timeless dimension.


Devotion allows us to be receptive and opens us to perceive the presence of god. Through devotion, we can surrender to our origin. When we are in a state of surrender, we orient ourselves toward the greater reality of god, and we no longer get lost in selfish, egocentric behavior.

We can cultivate our devotion by gently listening inside ourselves and by actively opening ourselves to the presence of god. When we experience this indescribable dimension, we fall in love with its timeless beauty and preciousness. This love allows us to naturally surrender and to be aligned with this timeless dimension.


Righteousness helps us to align with our true values and strengthens our connection to our true origin. When we don't create friction through unconscious or negative behaviors, we avoid creating states of separation and suffering. Righteousness supports us in being true to ourselves and others and allows us to focus on the good, healthy aspects of our life.


Discernment enables us to differentiate between aspects that support the connection to our true origin and those that hinder us from perceiving the presence of god. When we are able to identify illusions, beliefs, and other hindering aspects and discern them from helpful, nurturing facets, we open the door to witnessing our true origin. Through this capacity, we grow and learn to avoid behaviors that aren't aligned with the beauty of this timeless dimension.

Final Words

As we can see, calming our thoughts and being in a state of surrender can greatly support us in witnessing the presence of god. When we are aligned with our true values and identify possible illusions and beliefs, we prepare the ground for experiencing our true origin.

Opening ourselves to the presence of god changes our life dramatically. The loving presence of god has a positive impact on our health and well-being, our relationships, and every other aspect of our life. The presence of god gives our life meaning and allows us to live in deep inner peace and harmony.

If you want to learn more about being aligned with your true origin and understand how you can live a life that is dedicated to this timeless dimension, I highly recommend my book "Awaken Your Inner Being". You can order the book here:

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