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How to find inner clarity by awakening presence

Updated: Aug 8

As long as we are unconsciously lost in our thoughts, emotions, and inner reactions, we have no inner clarity and sense of orientation. In this state of identification, we also lack a clear sense of "I Am", and we are heavily influenced by our inner experience.

If we want to overcome this uncomfortable state of disorientation, we need to raise our awareness and inner wakefulness. We need to shift our consciousness into a different state and condition.

But how is this possible? How can we raise our awareness? And what does it mean to shift our consciousness into a different state?

We can raise our awareness by gently untangling from our inner experience and by resting deeply in inner silence. We do this by lessening the focus on our thoughts and emotions and by guiding our awareness into a state of inner rest and tranquility. As soon as we stop identifying with the countless stories that appear in our mind, we enter a deeper state and awareness.

But how can we untangle from our thoughts when our life brings so many challenges and changing circumstances? How can we build a conscious foundation on which we can handle our daily life constructively?

Here, we need to understand that we can only find a stable, continuous awareness and orientation when we fully shift our consciousness into a different state and condition. Only through a complete shift into a higher awareness, which includes a change in our brain activity and nervous system, are we able to be continuously present and aware. This shift into the state of presence enables us to consciously deal with our thoughts, emotions, and body sensations and frees us from any disorientation and confusion.

We can shift our consciousness into the state of presence by being present for longer and longer periods and by cultivating a permanent awareness that guides us throughout the day. The longer we stay present in our daily life, the more we prepare our consciousness for the irreversible shift into the state of presence.

As soon as we’re able to cultivate this continuous presence in our daily routine, we gain profound inner clarity and self-esteem. Through this empowerment, we transcend the dream-like reality of our mind, and we overcome any sense of disorientation and confusion.

If you want to dive deeper into the process of awakening presence and understand the complexity behind the path of awakening as a whole, I highly recommend my book "Awaken Your Inner Being"! You can order the book under the following link:

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