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Living in the Now: How to Stay Present in the Moment

Many of us strive to live in the now and to be fully present in the moment. But sometimes, it can be really challenging to embrace our present experience and to fully engage with our life and surroundings.

In this blog post, we will explore practical tips and techniques that help us stay present in the moment and that allow us to fully enjoy our life.

How to Live in the Now

1: Increasing Our Awareness

In order to be able to fully live in the present moment, we need to increase our awareness and inner wakefulness. We need to create a conscious foundation on which we can navigate through our daily life. This conscious foundation has to naturally keep our focus in the present and allow us to fully experience the now.

We can increase our awareness by consistently untangling from the countless stories that appear in our mind and by resting deeply in inner silence. When we learn to stop jumping on every thought that arises, we awaken our awareness and inner wakefulness. For this process, it is helpful to know that we need a certain time to overcome the identification with our thoughts.

2: Resting in Inner Silence

Resting in inner silence is essential for being present and aware. This capacity enables us to fully embrace the now. Without resting in inner silence, we are continuously dragged into our thoughts and we can't enjoy our experiences.

We can rest in inner silence by bringing our attention to our body and by cultivating a sense of inner quietude. When we calm our thoughts and listen inside ourselves regularly, we build a foundation of inner silence and tranquility.

The following activities can help us cultivate a state of inner peace and calm.

Being in nature

Being in nature allows us to recharge our batteries and to calm our thoughts and emotions. By being in a silent environment, we can relax and connect to our inner being.

Pausing regularly

Pausing regularly allows us to slow down and to activate our intuition and introspection. When we take ourselves the time to pause and reflect on our life, we strengthen our ability to rest in inner silence.

Meditation and other mindful practices

Meditation, Yoga, and other mindful practices can strongly support us in discovering and cultivating inner silence and tranquility. These practices can help us untangle from our unconscious thoughts and connect us with our body.

3: Untangling from unnecessary things and actions

Untangling from unnecessary things and actions can strongly support us in living in the present moment. When we let go of activities that distract us and that create unnecessary stress and confusion, we cultivate a conscious, mindful way of living. For this endeavor, it is helpful to identify actions that are not essential for fulfilling our daily tasks but create inner stress and confusion.


When we are able to increase our awareness and rest deeply in inner silence, we cultivate a conscious foundation through which we can cherish every moment of our life. Letting go of unnecessary things and actions strongly contributes to this conscious way of living.

Being present in the moment enriches our whole life and nourishes us and our relationships. This conscious approach to life gives our life meaning and allows us to be no longer lost in our thoughts and inner reactions.

If you want to dive deeper into this conscious approach to life and learn how you can realize your inner being in every aspect of your daily life, I highly recommend my book "Awaken Your Inner Being". You can order the book under the following link:

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