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Finding Inner Freedom: How to Escape the Prison of Our Mind

Updated: 5 days ago

The endless activity of our mind compels us to exist in thoughts and inner stories and holds us back from discovering our true, inherent nature.

If we want to overcome this limiting aspect of our mind, we need to find ways to calm our thoughts and integrate this inner calm into our daily life.

The following points can help us escape the prison of our mind and cultivate inner calm and tranquility.

Escaping the prison of our mind

1: Becoming aware of our thoughts

When we become aware of our thoughts, we awaken our ability to consciously observe our thinking. Through this ability, we learn to create a natural gap between us and our thoughts. This detachment allows us to witness our thinking without getting lost in the endless stream of our thoughts.

We can become aware of our thoughts by guiding our attention to our body and by directly recognizing the stories that appear in our mind. As soon as we are more conscious of our inner world, we start to emancipate from the limiting aspects our mind.

2: Raising our awareness

We raise our awareness by continuously untangling from our thoughts and by resting deeply in inner silence. Through this meditative way of being, we awaken our presence through which we can consciously deal with our thoughts. Raising our awareness also allows us to witness our emotions and inner reactions. This helps us to get less involved in our inner experience.

3: Finding a sense of "I Am"

Finding a clear sense of "I Am" is crucial in the process of overcoming our unconscious thinking. This point of reference allows us to distinguish between ourselves and our thoughts and gives us a real sense of identity. As long as we are lost in our mind, we try to establish our sense of self on the basis of our thoughts.

We can find a clear sense of "I Am" by recognizing that we are the witness of our thoughts. Through this realization, we naturally distance ourselves from our thinking which allows us to rest inside ourselves. This meditative way of resting inside ourselves gives our life meaning, and we no longer try to find orientation in our thoughts.

4: Cultivating presence

The most important aspect in the process of escaping the prison of our mind is the cultivation of presence. When we are present, we are no longer lost in our thoughts, and we can actively deal with our inner experience. Being present allows us to be conscious and awake and stabilizes us from within.

We cultivate our presence by following the instructions mentioned in points 1-3 and by reminding ourselves to be fully "here". We can also activate our presence by identifying behaviors that help us to be present and aware. A walk in nature, sitting in inner silence, doing yoga, etc., can directly support us in being present. When we additionally let go of behaviors that weaken our awareness and that distract us, we prepare the ground for awakening presence.

If you want to dive deeper into the process of awakening presence and our spiritual awakening as a whole, I highly recommend my book "Awaken Your Inner Being". You can order the book under the following link:

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