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Beyond Masks: How to Discover Our Authentic Self

Updated: Nov 20

We are unconsciously conditioned to fit into society and to hide our true self behind masks that cover our insecurities. We are also accustomed to pleasing others through which we suppress our true power and potential.

If we want to overcome these unhealthy patterns, we need to align with our essence and find a sense of identity that lies beyond our conditioned self.

Discovering Our Authentic Self

Our authentic self is not dependent on any outer influence or circumstance. This true self reflects our core values and is uncompromised and pure.

We unveil our authentic self by coming in contact with our being and by untangling from our conditioned habits and reactions. We do this by bringing our awareness to our body and by starting to feel our inner reactions and emotions. As soon as we become more conscious of our inner world, we raise our awareness and inner wakefulness.

This inner wakefulness allows us to distinguish between our conditioned self which is full of insecurities and our authentic self which is aligned with our true values and potential. This authentic self shines and has a totally different quality than our conditioned self.

Being Who We Truly Are

The more we align with our authentic self, the greater our access to our true power and potential. When we allow this power to express itself in our life and interactions, we experience a profound breakthrough in our authentic self. This gives us the security and self-confidence to be who we truly are independent of our surroundings.

Aligning with our authentic self also allows us to truly see and recognize each other because we are no longer under the separating influence of our ego-self. This totally transforms our existence and gives our life a new sense of meaning and perspective.

If you want to dive deeper into the process of unveiling our authentic self and learn how we can realize our inner being in every aspect of our daily life, I highly recommend my book "Awaken Your Inner Being". You can order the book under the following link:

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