True Silence Healing

True Silence Healing is a holistic and profound healing method which I invented throughout many years of experience and research on the matter of the human consciousness, healing, and spiritual awakening.
I work on the basis of an awakened consciousness, directly out of the space of pure awareness, inner silence, and conscious being. Therefore, I do not hold on any concepts or fixed understandings of reality. Instead, I use all abilities, tools, and methods on the foundation of inner silence and conscious awareness.
True Silence Healing is a powerful fusion of the dimension of spiritual awakening and holistic healing and energy work. It is dedicated to free the human consciousness from unconscious boundaries and to help mankind to awaken to its inner source.

"May all human beings reconnect to their essence and true being that they can awaken and live a free and conscious life. May hate and sorrow come to an end. May love and confidence shine through." Tobias

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True Silence Healing Crystals

Throughout my work, I invented these powerful programmed and energized healing crystals that have the benefit to raise our awareness, to awaken the life force within and to heal and balance our energy field etc. Thus, they can be a big support for our healing and spiritual awakening.

These powerful crystals are programmed and energized in a special and very advanced method. On the basis of inner silence, consciousness, and being, they contain different information and energies. The crystals connect with different layers of our consciousness and resonate with multi-layered healing fields. Furthermore, they contain information of power places, healing sounds, color fields and other crystals etc. Thus, they have a strong energetic impact and are a great benefit for our spiritual awakening.

The Healing Crystals are a holistic product of my work as a spiritual teacher and healer. They are a matter of heart, in which I realized which touches me most.

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